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SAOCOM Satellite Mission

VENG develop customized solutions combining satellite information (SAR, optical, etc.) for applications in various areas, such as agriculture, hydrology, health and business in general.

SAOCOM Satellite Mission

VENG is the company designated by CONAE to market and distribute SAOCOM 1A & B IMAGES & PRODUCTS. SAOCOM 1A was launched in October 2018, and SAOCOM 1B, to be launched in early 2020. Both satellites are equipped with an L-Band Synthetic Opening Radar instrument (SAR - Synthetic Aperture Radar).

The central objective of the Earth Observation Satellite SAOCOM, is the measurement of soil moisture and applications in emergencies, such as detection of sea oil spills and monitoring of water coverage during floods.

Available polarizations

  • Simple (SP):The system emits and receives in the same linear polarization (horizontal-H or vertical-V), that is, HH or VV.

  • Double (DP):The system emits in a linear polarization and receives both linear polarizations simultaneously, ie HH and HV, or VV and VH.

  • Quadruple (QP):The system alternately emits both linear polarizations and receives them simultaneously, ie HH, HV, VH and VV.


Acquisition Modes

  • StripMap, with single, double or quadruple polarization (complete). In this mode the radar points to a given fixed direction while capturing a continuous strip, which corresponds to the narrowest sweeps and of greater spatial resolution.

  • TOPSAR narrow, with single, double or quadruple polarization (complete). In this mode, the radar changes its aiming along the track to capture several strips, thus covering a larger scanning width with lower spatial resolution than in the StripMap case.

  • TOPSAR wide, with single, double, quadruple (complete) or compact polarization (technological mode). In this case, the radar changes its aiming along the track to capture a greater number of strips, thus covering a greater scanning width with a lower spatial resolution than in the TOPSAR narrow case.

Imágen Saocom

To acquire SAOCOM images and products, please go to:

Mapa de Humedad

For customized products and services,

Acquisition ModeNominal Resolution
(Rng x Az) [m]
Nominal Size of the Scene
(Rng x Az) [km]
SP:Single Polarization, DP:Dual Poralization, QP:Quad Polarization
STRIPMAP SP10 x 1040 x 74HH o VV
STRIPMAP DP10 x 1040 x 74HH+HV o VV+VH
STRIPMAP QP10 x 1020 x 74HH+HV+VH+VV
TOPSAR NARROW SP30 x 30150 x 222HH o VV
TOPSAR NARROW DP30 x 30150 x 222HH+HV o VV+VH
TOPSAR WIDE SP50 x 50350 x 445HH o VV
TOPSAR WIDE DP50 x 50350 x 445HH+HV o VV+VH
TOPSAR WIDE QP100 x 100220 x 445HH+HV+VH+VV